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Seal Study November 24, 2010

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Competency Goal 1: The learner will make observations and conduct investigations to build an understanding of animal behavior and adaptation.

1.04 Explain and discuss how humans and other animals can adapt their behavior to live in changing habitats.

This lesson will use internet workshops to create a cross disciplinary unit, incorporating the science Competency Goal 1 and objective 1.04 with the Social Studies pirate unit for fourth grade. Students will use the website, to conclude information about animal adaption with changing habitats. According to the website, seals are being forced to adapt to a change in their habitats, as a result of global warming. The warming in climate is resulting in a retreat of sea ice, in which seals use as a platform to rest. The change has also resulted in a decrease in the food change, which has an effect on each animal within the food chain.  There has been a decrease in the seal population as a result. They are being forced to find new habitats. Students will compare and contrast animal adaption with Jake’s adaption to a life as a seaman in the book Pirate Diary the journal of Jake Carpenter.

Questions to ask:

1. Compare and contrast Jake’s adaptation to the life as a seaman to the adaptation of seals to the retreat of sea ice as a result of global warming. Show your results in a vienn diagram.

2. How might global warming play an effect on seaman like Jake? (the decrease of the food change would play an impact on their diet)

3. Why does a decrease in one animal species have effect the whole food chain?

Correlation between the study of seals with the story the pirate diary


I poem October 14, 2010

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I Am Constance ( Organizer)


Looks Like… Acts… Lives…
YoungLittle girl, pilgrim Obedient, Innocent, Helpful, Curious Originally from England. Currently on a ship called the Mayflower
Thinks About… Wonders About… Worries About…
How to create a better life for her mother and new born baby brother named ( Oceanus) What life will be like in the New World Her baby brother’s (Oceanus) health. For he was born while aboard the Mayflower.
Sees… Hears… Smells…
Small enclosed room filled with people. Buckets which are used as toilets. Very little light to see at night. Crash of waves against the ship. Crying and laughter of neighbors. Body odor. Sour food.
Touches… Tastes… Enjoys…
The face of her new brother. Wet rags when she cleans. Cow tonguesStale breadcrackers Creating new gamesTaking care  of her brotherMaking new friends on the ship.exploring
Wants… Loves… Feels…
To be free Her family CompassionDeterminationloyal
Tries To… Dreams About… Hopes For…
Better her life Her future freedom


I Am a Pilgrim ( Final Product)

I am Constance and ten years of age

I wonder about what life will be like in the New World

I hear the crash of the waves against the Mayflower as it fights to stay afloat in the Storm

I see small enclosed room filled with individuals battling sickness, but filled with hope.

I am Constance and I am ten years of age.


I pretend I am no longer forced to eat the regular dreadful meal of stale bread and cow tongue.

I feel thankful my mother allowed me to board this journey alongside with her .( most children were left behind with family members in England)

I touch the wet rags and broom as I do the daily chores for my Mother

I worry about my baby brother’s (Oceanus) health. For he was born while aboard the Mayflower.

I cry hunger and sickness

I am Constance and I am ten years of age


I understand that a voyage is necessary

I say Be anxious for nothing, but in everything with prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God and the peace that passes all understanding will guide your heart and mind and soul in Christ Jesus. ( A verse mom has instilled in me since my birth)

I dream of a life of freedom

I try to be obedient to my mother and help her the best I can

I hope for a blessed future

 I am Constance and I am ten years of age


Reading Questions October 4, 2010

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Reciprocal Teaching is designed to have students focus on summarizing, question generating, clarifying, and predicting passages.  It refers to a method of teaching in which the teacher reveals strategies for reading text through questioning, summarizing, clarifying and predicting text.  Students are separated into groups of four to practice this technique. Students are given specific roles while reading to allow them to focus attention on specific things in the reading. The roles include summarizing, questioning, clarifying and predicting. Once students have mastered these skills, students are allowed to use these skills to guide the teacher while reading. For example a student may create a question to guide the teacher to a main idea of the passage.     

The Discussion Director article is very similar to the one previous. The teacher provides students with guided questions throughout the book to help them focus their attention on important detail. However, the discussion director is less student centered. The teacher is the one who generates questions and the students respond. The teacher provides students with page numbers to guide them along while reading.  



September 30, 2010

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multitextpiratediary ded


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The main purpose of the readings was to direct our attention to the importance of vocabulary in the classroom. Vocabulary plays a powerful role in reading and reading comprehension. The article focused on providing students with the skills necessary to decipher through words to find its meaning.  The author discusses ways for teaching vocabulary words using prefixes and suffixes. I, personally, learned how to break words apart using its prefixes and suffixes in eighth grade. It dramatically improved my reading and writing skills. It allowed me to stop relying on dictionaries and start relying on my own knowledge. In the Multi text study, students are able to explore the strategies discussed in the article. Students are encourages to create their own definition for words based on the strategies. The vocabulary handout discusses more specifically direct and indirect instruction strategies for teaching students vocabulary.


Integrating instructional-level social studies trade books for struggling readers in upper elementary grades. September 27, 2010

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After reading this article, I feel confident about producing a Multitext Unit to help meet the learning needs for each of my students. The reading assessments and Multitext Units go hand and hand. The reading assessment allows teacher to conclude how many words a child can read in a minute, along with their comprehension of the subject matter.  It helps teachers match students with appropriate reading material. Just because students are in the fifth grade does NOT mean he/she should be reading fifth grade material. If a child is below grade level they should be given differentiated instruction to allow them to obtain information.


Modeling comprehension, vocabulary, text structures and text features

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This article discusses the importance of guiding reading with students and provides reading strategies to help students turn into superb readers. The authors provide viewers with specific strategies for providing reading instruction in the classroom, such as, decoding words, prefixes, suffixes, context clues, thinking alouc.etc. I have always been fond of reading aloud to an audience. I feel as if I have perfected these at the early age of five with my brothers playing the role of my students. I LOVE reading aloud in different voices and making my audience feel as if they are actually in the book. To be honest, I have never been fond of reading, especially text books and such. To entertain myself and help retain information I read the material out loud in various accents. I want my students the experience the joy of reading and capture their attention. I particularly am fond of the idea of thinking aloud. It allows students to learn strategies for deciphering information.  Once students have masters the concept of decoding words, he/she can become independent readers.